Pivotstream SharePoint Login Error


When attempting to log onto your company's Pivotstream site, the security prompt continually requests your username and password.


Ensure the username and/or password you are using is correct. 

Usernames and passwords are assigned either by Pivotstream Support or by the person at your company who administers the Pivotstream site. If you've lost or forgotten your Pivotstream username or password, contact your site administrator, or use the Contact Support link below. 

In the example below, the user Johnny Ruckus is logging onto a Pivotstream site with a username that uses first initial, last name. It's important to use the "Pivotstream\" prefix before your username as this forces the browser to use the Pivotstream domain. Note the slash goes backward, not forward. The backslash is usually the key right above Enter on your keyboard. 

User: Johnny Ruckus
Pivotstream Username: johnny.ruckus
Password: SomePassword

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