Updating Pivotstream Site Image


Site Image Format Requirements

The site title provides a key way to distinguish and brand your site. You may want to review our formatting recommendations below before branding your site:

  • Valid image formats include .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif.
  • Optimal horizontal size not to exceed 625 pixels.
  • Optimal vertical size not to exceed 150 pixels.
  • Only one image is allowed within the Site Image zone. If multiple pictures are required, create them as a single image outside of Pivotstream.

Uploading the Site Image to SharePoint
  1. Log onto the Pivotstream platform with the administrator credentials
  2. Go to the All Site Content link in the Admin Quick Links bar at the top of your page

  3. Select Site Collection Images from the list

  4. Click the Add New Image link

  5. Click Choose File, navigate to the image you'd like to upload, then click OK. 

  6. You can edit Image Name and Keywords before committing the image. Or you can accept all defaults and click OK. 

Replace the Site Image
  1. Navigate back to the default page by clicking browse, then the site name. The site name in the example below is Training. 

  2. Select Settings from the Site Actions menu

    Site Actions > Edit Page

  3. Delete the page image

  4. Click the Insert a Picture from SharePoint link

  5. Under General, click the browse button then navigate to the Site Collection Images and select the image you previously uploaded. Click OK after selecting the image, and click OK to accept the image details.

  6. Save and close the document. 

    Note: To exit Edit Mode without applying changes, click the down arrow within the Save & Close button > Stop Editing > Cancel.

  7. Site after changing the image from stock photo to a picture of my sleeping dog

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