Pivotstream Report Menu Editing


Edit Report Menu Title

The Report Menu is displayed on the Pivotstream Homepage through a SharePoint Web Part called Hierarchy View. You can add a Title to the Report Menu by editing the Hierarchy View properties.  

  1. Edit the page: Site Actions > Edit Page

  2. Use the drop-down arrow to the right of the title to edit the report web-part

  3. Edit the Title field in the Web-Part properties pane. Also check that the Chrome Type is set to Default. Click OK.

  4. Save and close the page

  5. The report title is now visible. 

Create Expandable Menus
Expandable folders can be created to contain like content, and can be used to manage user access. 

  1. Click the Workbooks link in the Admin Quick Links bar

  2. Click the Documents tab in the toolbar, then click New Folder. 

  3. Add the folder name, and Save.

  4. You will see the new folder name in the list. 

  5. Click the folder name and then click Add document. Navigate to the document you would like to upload. (see Publish PowerPivot Workbooks to the Pivotstream Platform)
  6. Once uploaded go back to the default site. You will see the expandable menu in the list. Note: This list shows up as closed by default.

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