Creating a Custom Slicer Style

Custom slicers allow you to personalize the Pivotstream platform with slicer styles tailored to your font, boarder and fill themes. Once the custom slicer style is created, you can apply it to existing slicers or it can be saved as a default slicer. 

Creating a Custom Slicer
  1. Select a slicer in a document. 

  2. The Slicer Tools tab group will appear in the ribbon once a slicer is selected. Select Options from the Slicer Tools tab group. 

  3. Find the Slicer Style section. Click the down arrow to view more styles if desired. 

  4. Right-click any existing slicer style in the Slicer Styles section. Select duplicate from the context menu. 

  5. Edit the Slicer Elements and save with a custom name. 

NOTE: Only Custom Slicer Styles can be modified

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