PowerPivot Tab is Unavailable


When you open Excel to start a new PowerPivot workbook, or you open an existing PowerPivot workbook, the PowerPivot tab doesn't appear in the Excel ribbon, or you cannot manage the table using the PowerPivot tools. 


Activate, or re-activate the COM Add-In to make the PowerPivot tab available. 
  1. If the Developer tab is not visible, show the Developer tab
    • Click the File tab, then click Options.

    • Click Customize Ribbon.
    • Under Customize the Ribbon and under Main Tabs, select the Developer check box.

  2. Go to the developer tab, and click anywhere within the document that is NOT within the pivot table. 
  3. Click COM Add-Ins in the Add-ins section

    • If "Microsoft Office PowerPivot for Excel 2013" is already checked, un-check the box, and click OK. Then re-open the COM Add-Ins and re-check the box. 
    • If "Microsoft Office PowerPivot for Excel 2013" is not checked, check it, and click OK. 

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