Viewing Pivotstream Sites with Internet Explorer 11



Some users have reported difficulty accessing Pivotstream sites when using Internet Explorer 11. The most common issue with IE 11 is that after log in, the welcome page does not load and you are presented with a blank white screen. We have also seen issues with snapshots not downloading correctly. One effective workaround for this issue is to simply use a different browser. If you have other browsers installed on your system such as Firefox or Chrome, try using those instead.

Another effective method for working around this issue is to set the Pivotstream site to brows in Compatibility mode.  

  1. Verify the version of Internet Explorer you have installed on your system. Go to the gear in the top right corner of the screen and select "About Internet Explorer". 

  2. The version window will pop up. You'll be able to see which version you have. 

  3. If the version is IE 11 (as shown above), try setting the site to be viewed in Compatibility mode. 


Follow the directions below to add your Pivotstream site to the list of sites to view in compatibility mode. 

  1. Log onto your Pivotstream site
  2. Follow the directions in this Microsoft Support document to turn on compatibility mode:
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