Editing a Power View Connection String


If the source file or source file location changes in a Power View report, the report will no longer load and you will receive a message that indicates the source is not accessible.

NOTE: Consumer users may also get this message if they do not have sufficient access to the source of the Power View. If an administrative user can access the report, but a consumer cannot, check permissions of the document library or folder where the source resides. 

Follow the directions below to edit the Power View connection string. 

  1. Log onto the Pivotstream site with the administrative credentials
  2. Download the Power View file by checking the box next to the file name and selecting Download a Copy from the button bar at the top of the screen. 

  3. Save the file on your local computer. 
  4. Edit the extension of the rdlx file, changing it to a zip. 

  5. Do not unzip the file. Navigate the zip with Windows explorer to the Reports folder. 

  6. Copy the report.rdl file and paste it outside of the zip. 

  7. Open the drl file with a text editor.

  8. Edit the source as appropriate and save the file. 

  9. Copy the file back to the reports folder in the zip. In doing so, you will replace the old rdl. 

  10. Change the extension back to rdlx.

  11. Upload the new rdlx to your Pivotstream site ensuring that you have the Overwrite Existing Files box ticked. 

  12. The file should load if the source is correct. 
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