Add a Custom Favicon


A favicon is a web site icon, tab icon or bookmark icon for a site. See the images below to see how the favicon is displayed in several browsers. 

Tabs and Bookmarks Menu

Tabs in Firefox

 Bookmarks in Internet Explorer

Favicon Format Requirements

  • The only valid format is *.ico (Windows icon format)
  • The horizontal x vertical size must be 16 x 16 pixels
  • The favicon name must be favicon.ico

Adding a Custom Favicon

Follow the steps below to add a favicon to your Pivotstream site.

  1. Log onto the Pivotstream platform with the administrator credentials
  2. Go to the Admin Quick Links bar at the top of the page, then All Site Content

  3. Go to Style Library > Pivotstream > Images
  4. Click Add Document, browse for the favicon.ico file, then click OK
  5. Once the favicon is uploaded, go back to the main site. The favicon will have populated the upper left corner. Sometimes it is necessary to refresh the page before it will populate. 
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