Edit Workbook Name or Menu Title


Edit Workbook Name or Menu Title

Editing a workbook name or the workbook menu title anytime after a workbook is uploaded. You can see the document in the image below has a numeric date appended and the word thin. In this example I will change the document name to exclude the date, and will create a user friendly name to display in the hierarchy menu. 

If you go to the Workbooks document library, you'll see the document listed there. You can edit the document name and/or the document menu title. 

In the example below, I changed the document name to something that doesn't have a date, and added a simplified name in the menu title section. 

You can see the example below shows that the hierarchy menu displays the menu title, not the document name. If the menu title is removed, the document name will be displayed again. 


Follow the instructions below to edit the document name and/or the menu title. 

  1. Go to the Workbooks folder, hover over the workbook name you'd like to edit, then click the pencil/paper icon next to the document name. 
  2. You will see fields that allow you to change either or both the document Name and the Menu Title. 
  3. Click the Save icon when finished. 


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