Creating Links in the Hierarchy View


The Hierarchy View is a web part on the welcome page of your Pivotstream site that populates a list of workbooks from the Workbooks document library. There may be times when you would like to populate the Hierarchy View with other content such as other Document Libraries or links to external content. 

For instance, if you have a document library with content that would not populate in a regular document library (such as Word documents or PDF files), creating a link in the hierarchy would allow users to access these files from the Pivotstream site. You could also link to your corporate website, or any other website of your choosing. 

Additionally, you can create these links within other folders in the document library. 

Follow the instructions below to add content the the Hierarchy View menu. 

Create the Text File

  1. Open a Notepad or another plain text editor. 
  2. Edit the document with the desired Sort Order, Title and URL (see below)
  3. Save the document with this name: external.txt
  4. Edit the file as desired.

The file will eventually be uploaded to the Workbooks document library. This is done exactly the same way any Excel workbook would be uploaded to the Workbooks document library. See this link for step-by-step instructions, here



Document Libarary: link|1|PDF Doc Library|

External Link: link|100|Yahoo Finance|

Adding External Links 

External links must at least contain the link location. Minimally the syntax must contain the URL:


This would result in the link text showing up in standard sort order with the URL as the document name. 

To add the title "Yahoo Business News", you'd edit the syntax:

link||Yahoo Business News|

Adding sort order will sort the contents of the list. If none of the other documents and folders in the document library are sorted, the link will move to the top of the list. 

link|100|Yahoo Business News|

This allows for sorting of multiple items in a list. The number order determines which items are listed first. 

link|100|Yahoo Business News|
link|50|BI News and Information|



This can also integrate with existing sort orders in the document library. The sort order shown in the examples below are listed in numerical order on the welcome page.

link|100|Yahoo Business News|
link|50|BI News and Information|

You can upload an external.txt file in any folder to create lists within those folders. The external.txt was placed in the Daily Exec folder in the example below. 

Creating Links to Document Libraries

Creating links to document libraries uses the exact same syntax as external links. 

link|1|PDF Doc Library|


In order for Consumer users to access document libraries, the permissions for these libraries must be edited. It is not possible for consumers with Restricted Read access to view document libraries. They must have at least Read access to any library for which they need access. This also means that they will have the ability to download files from the Pivotstream site. 

The easiest way to manage access to content in document libraries is through security groups. If you know that set of users will all need access to a particular document library, you can request Customer Support create a security group for these users. You can manage who is a member of this group through our User Management tool. Once the security group is created, you can set the permissions for the library. 

For instruction on use of the User Management tool, check out our documentation here

To see how to create a new document library see our documentation, here

Setting Permissions on a Document Library

  1. Go to All Site Content in the Quick Links bar. 

  2. Navigate to the document library you want to edit. 
  3. Click Library in the document library ribbon. 

  4. Click the Library Permissions button in the settings section of the ribbon. 

  5. Select the Stop Inheriting Permissions button from the button bar. 

  6. Remove permissions for Restricted Readers

  7. Click Grant Permissions

  8. Add the security group Customer Support created for your library and give the group Read access. 

  9. Selected users will be able to see the links for the new libraries in the Hierarchy View and be able to click to see their contents. 
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