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You can determine the order of files and folders on your Welcome page by editing the sort order. First, log onto the site as an administrator, and navigate to the Workbooks folder.

Setting Sort Order

You can set the sort order either during the process of uploading your content, or after the document has already been uploaded.

Set Sort Order During Upload

  1. In the workbooks folder, click Add Document.

  2. Navigate to the file you'd like to upload, select it, and click OK. You'll then be presented with a window where you can set the File Name, Sort Order, and Menu Title. Enter values for these options and click Save.

Note: The sort order in the example image above uses 100 as the first value. You can use any numerical values you like, but using increments of 100 allows you to add new documents later without having to edit other documents in the list.

Set Sort Order in Workbooks Library

  1. Navigate to the Workbooks document library, and hover the mouse to the left of the Excel icon and click the Edit icon.

  2. You'll see three editable fields. Add a numerical value in the Menu Sort Order field. Once entered, click the Save icon.

  3. You can edit all of the files and folders in the document library using this method.

  4. Before ordering the files and folders:

  5. After ordering the files and folders:

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